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EasyA gives students on-demand access to Oxbridge tutors at the snap of a photo. EasyA makes it easy for any student to achieve higher grades. Say goodbye to finding a tutor, scheduling sessions in advance and rearranging your week around these sessions. Say hello to EasyA.

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Taking the stress out of learning.

EasyA makes learning fun. It’s why our students keep coming back to us when they have questions. Our hallmark virtual classroom technology is based on the latest cognitive research principles, allowing students not only to get detailed explanations, but also to receive virtual rewards as they tackle questions. It makes learning far more rewarding. Literally.

Get to know the brains behind EasyA

Phil Kwok, CEO & Co-founder

Phil Kwok, CEO & Co-founder

Cambridge University

Phil attended St Paul's School before graduating from Cambridge University as a College and Foundation Scholar, with First Class Honours in Law. During his time at Cambridge, he topped his year in many of his papers, winnning numerous awards for his work, including the Falcon Chambers, One Chancery Lane and Ginsberg Prizes. Phil founded EasyA to solve a big problem he faced for years, both as a student himself and when working as a tutor: getting students help right at the point in time they need it.

Dom Kwok, COO & Co-founder

Dom Kwok, COO & Co-founder

The Wharton School

Dom attended St Paul’s School before earning a degree in Finance from The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, where he graduated cum laude as a Benjamin Franklin and Joseph Wharton Scholar. He began his career at The Blackstone Group in New York. Dom decided to leave a career in finance to found EasyA and focus on using technology to make education more efficient and help students learn smarter.

Meet our Team



Learning Expert

Jared holds a First Class degree in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University.

A former tutor, Jared is one of our learning experts. He helps ensure that students are always taught in the EasyA pedagogy and receive the best learning experience possible.

Dr JaggerBall

Dr Jagger

Academic Advisory Board

Chris holds a BA, MMATH and PhD in Maths from Cambridge University.

Chris helps us design our teaching philosophy to ensure students learn best. Prior to EasyA, Chris was the Head of Learning at Deloitte and a maths lecturer at Cambridge University.



Content Lead

Cameron studies Engineering at Cambridge University.

Cameron leads all content production, creating maths videos and notes for our students. A former 5-star rated tutor, Cameron leverages his teaching experience to help our students succeed.



Leadership Team

Phil holds a First Class degree from Cambridge University.

Phil sets EasyA's overall vision, leading tech and product development. He ensures that EasyA is always innovating, to empower our students with new and fun ways to learn.



Leadership Team

Dom graduated cum laude from The Wharton School.

Dom leads EasyA’s operations, working with our tech and academic teams to deliver a seamless learning experience for the entire EasyA community.



Tech Lead

Andrea is the brains behind our groundbreaking technology. Outside EasyA, Andrea is a top-rated coding instructor on Udemy and a Google Developer Expert.

Before EasyA, Andrea worked as a developer at Sky and NET-A-PORTER.




Ben studies Physics at Oxford University.

Ben uses maths to: help disadvantaged students in Oxford achieve their dreams by giving them free tutoring, as part of the Schools Plus program.

Last summer, he worked as a Quantum Tech Research Assistant at Oxford. He’s also captain of Keble Ultimate Frisbee.




Izzy studies Maths at Oxford University.

Izzy uses maths to: investigate mechanics and fluid dynamics, which form the basis of the evolution of stars, ocean currents and blood circulation!

Recently, Izzy spent a month helping local communities in Indonesia. Izzy's hobbies include paragliding and skiing.




George studies Maths at Cambridge University.

George uses maths to: help students get into top universities, having successfully tutored students for the rigorous Oxford University Maths Exam.

A member of the Queens’ College Access Team, George guides prospective students and parents around Cambridge at open days and through interview days.




Charlotte studies Economics at Cambridge University.

Charlotte uses maths to: research the financial markets at top global banks, having spent her past two summers at Goldman Sachs.

A keen oarswomen, Charlotte is the President of the Queen’s College Boat Club, where she rows on the 1st Women’s VIII.




Denislav studies Natural Sciences at Cambridge University.

Denislav uses maths to: compete on the world stage. He represented the Bulgarian National Team at the 2018 Physics World Cup.

As a competitive mathematician, Denislav has successfully prepared numerous students for international maths competitions.




Poppy studies Natural Sciences at Cambridge University.

Poppy uses maths to: lead the development of a telemedicine health app to be launched in India.

Poppy’s academic interests lie in evolutionary genetics, animal behavior and experimental psychology.




Joe studies Maths at Oxford University.

Joe uses maths to: learn a variety of programming languages including MATLAB, Python and Pascal.

As a mentor with Project Access, Joe helps disadvantaged students gain admission to their dream universities.




Rhiannon studies Maths at Oxford University.

Rhiannon uses maths to: run the St Hugh’s Mathematics Society at Oxford University, of which she is the President.

Rhiannon is also the Vice President of St Hugh’s Boat Club and a volunteer with London-based charity Free to be Kids.




Joseph studies Maths at Oxford University.

Joseph uses maths to: understand the universe and how it works!

When not tutoring, Joseph can be found studying maths or cycling around Oxford.




Chris studies Physics at Oxford University.

Chris uses maths to: build rockets for the UK National Rocketry Championships.

As head of R&D at Oxford’s Rocket Society, Chris’s lifelong goal is to bring humanity to the stars. Talk about rocket science!




Namnueng studies Engineering at Cambridge University.

Namnueng uses maths to: build a Chrome extension that analyses data from online retailers to rate the sustainability index of a product in 24 hours!

A passionate engineer, Namnueng leads PR for Cambridge’s Engineering Society, where she organizes events to encourage students to study engineering.




Gus studies Physics at Oxford University.

Gus uses maths to: build autonomous robots that can be used to deliver food to people in remote areas.

A talented musician, Gus founded Oxford's Red Brick Jazz Band and is an active member of Keble College's Music Society.




Annie studies Medicine at Oxford University.

Annie uses maths to: hold pathology tutorials for 2nd and 3rd year medics at Oxford University.

Passionate about helping students succeed, Annie is also a UniAdmissions interviewing tutor, where she prepares students for Oxbridge interviews.




Nina studies Physics at Oxford University.

Nina uses maths to: research Nuclear Physics at CERN, one of the world’s largest scientific research centers.

She also organized the largest maths extracurricular course in Sofia, Bulgaria and is a grader for local maths competitions.




Melissa studies Physics at Oxford University.

Melissa uses maths to: build semiconductor chips for China’s largest phone manufacturer, Huawei.

Outside the classroom, Melissa is a competitive pole vaulter and has represented Oxford in the varsity match against Cambridge.




Joel studies Maths at Cambridge University.

Joel uses maths to: research Markov Chains, a theory underpinning many popular games such as Snakes and Ladders and even baseball.

At A Level, he achieved the highest UMS scores possible in all of his maths papers. Think you’ve got a question he can’t answer?




Billie studies Physics at Cambridge University.

Bille uses maths to: co-author a paper on Transcriptional Bursting, which was published in the Biophysical Journal.

An athlete as well as an academic, Billie is on the Cambridge University rowing team and a competitive cross country runner.




Dillon studies Biotechnology at Cambridge University.

Dillon uses maths to: research biotechnology, which forms the basis of vital items such as medicine and food.

For his pioneering research, Dillon was the Regional Grand Prize Winner of the British Council East Asia IELTS Prize for postgraduate studies in 2018/2019.




Misha studies Engineering at Cambridge University.

Misha uses maths to: design solar powered race cars for Cambridge’s Eco Racing team, the UK’s leading solar car racing team.

Building on his passion for engineering, Misha also founded the King’s College VEX robotics team, which he led to win 2 UK regional tournaments.




Claudio studies Engineering at Oxford University.

Claudio uses maths to: design rockets, build radios and construct mechanical bridges, all of which he has done successfully.

An avid sportsman, Claudio was the Captain of his local football team, Kentish Town FC.




Zac studies Natural Sciences at Cambridge University.

Zac uses maths to: build a chemical powered car using nothing more than baking soda, vinegar and a plastic bottle.

A maths whizz, Zac took both his A Level and GCSE exams a full year early, getting A*s in both! He's also a keen swimmer.




Adam studies Economics at Cambridge University.

Adam uses maths to: analyze the economic impact of Brexit on the UK.

A talented mathematician, Adam won a gold certificate in the UK Senior Mathematical Challenge in two consecutive years, placing him in the top 10% of candidates!


Curious about how we help students learn?

Featured Tutors

Featured Tutors

Last summer, Ben worked as a Quantum Technology Research Assistant at Oxford, where he worked on the refactorisation of large semiprime numbers using quantum simulation! Sounds pretty complicated, but he certainly enjoyed doing the work!


Physics, Oxford University.


Think you’ve got what it takes to become one of our Oxbridge tutors?

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