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Dr Chris Jagger -EasyA Education Advisory Board

Chris is a leading educator and academic. Prior to EasyA, Chris was the Head of Learning at Deloitte. Chris began his career as a research fellow at Clare College, Cambridge University, where he lectured in Mathematics, supervised and directed studies and served on the Governing Body at Clare College. His particular field of research lies in Combinatorics and Graph Theory. Chris has a PhD in Mathematics from Cambridge University.

Dr Chris Jagger
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Meet Our Academics

Parastoo is a former educational researcher at Cambridge University and the author of EasyA's whitepaper, which outlines our teaching pedagogy. Before EasyA, Parastoo worked at Cambridge Assessment, one of the world's leading exam boards.

Dr Parastoo Ghalamchi

Teaching Methodology

Dr Parastoo Ghalamchi
The EasyA Way

Research·10 min read

The EasyA Way

Why on-demand tutoring apps?

Tutoring·3 min read

Why on-demand tutoring apps?

EasyA puts student wellbeing first

EasyA gives students help when it's most effective. Studies have shown that students learn best when they follow a regular schedule. That's why EasyA study hours are between 4pm and 9pm. This builds regular habits, encourages work life balance for students, and prevents procrastination.

Real results, real learning.

Absolutely love it!

EasyA's tutors work incredibly. They give very clear advice without giving too much away. I love the concept. I will definitely be recommending the app to my students. £99 a month is such a reasonable price, because I charge £30 a week for a one hour session. With the constant access to tutors it's a no-brainer to pay the £99 because it's cheaper and actually a better service.

— Charlotte

Secondary school teacherBury, Pulborough

An absolute winner

Having access to a tutor on-demand is an absolute winner. Before EasyA I had never heard of anything like it before. I spent hours self-tutoring my son for the 11+, researching the syllabus and re-learning the maths. With EasyA, I would easily have saved 50+ hours.

— Richard

year 10 dadFulham, london

Thank you so much! After a couple of sessions on the app I think I'm already a maths wizard.

— Hannah

year 10 studentCamden, london

The future of education

Parents are happy to pay for a traditional tutor even thought they have no idea in hell what's actually happening. EasyA sets a higher bar, since the student is coming with the problem, and it actually gets solved. What EasyA is offering is what the future of teaching is moving towards.

— Thomas

year 10 parentHampstead, london

Finally some research-based learning!

Read the whitepaper. Finally some research-based learning rather than just randomly taking students down different routes. EdTech has been marred by 30 years of technologists promising change and it never coming. This is a game-changer.

— Ollie

Former TeacherCamden, London

The parent portal is amazing!

I love being able to see my son's progress each day without having to ask him or wait for the school to tell me.

— Nicky

year 12 mumWestminster, london

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EasyA tutoring is centered around 3 basic principles

  • Learning, not cheating

    Learning, not cheating

    EasyA's Oxbridge tutors guide students through their questions, encouraging them to find the answer independently.

  • Ask questions

    Ask questions

    Our Oxbridge tutors constantly ask questions to engage students and ensure they completely understand every step of the explanation.

  • Text-based


    Many students find asking questions face-to-face intimidating. Our students ask questions in the way they feel most comfortable: instant messaging.

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